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Dagger Diving Services was founded in 2017 with the intention of improving the standard of service and quality in the industry, as identified by a number of divers.

The Dagger Team values a straight forward approach to our projects and believes that being direct and taking the initiative sets us apart from our peers. Recognising the potential of former military divers and not wanting to let these talented individuals leave the industry, we joined forces and recruited a large number of experienced commercial divers. Our joint effort has resulted in a robust and successful civil engineering and diving organisation.

We are able to work with you from the very start of your project during the pre-planning phase all the way through to project completion, giving guiance and dive support for the duration.

Goals and objectives

Objective No 1

To enhance safety, efficiency, and service quality in our diving operations by integrating cutting-edge equipment and technology, implementing advanced communication systems, safety redundancy measures, live streaming capabilities, GPS-assisted dive tools, and precision-enhancing solutions, all while consistently receiving positive feedback from satisfied customers.

Objective No 2

Our objective is to champion environmental stewardship by preserving marine environments through eco-friendly practices, certified standards, pollution prevention, and collaborative efforts with environmental organisations and government agencies.

Objective No 3

To prioritise safety and ensure a secure environment for all. We achieve this by maintaining robust safety policies, adhering to industry standards, empowering our workforce with knowledge, providing top-notch safety equipment, fostering a ‘no-blame’ culture for incident reporting, and implementing comprehensive emergency response plans. Our commitment extends to our community’s safety, as we stay updated on the latest safety practices and technologies.



Our commitment to our clients is to ensure that our services are provided with the highest quality, and that projects are completed with the utmost speed and cost-effectiveness, all while keeping safety as our main priority. These principles, combined with our environmental stewardship, define our mission to not only meet the needs of our clients but also contribute positively to the planet we all share.


Our ultimate objective is to rise to the forefront of the commercial diving industry. We are dedicated to setting the industry standard by consistently delivering services of unparalleled quality, not only to our esteemed clients but also to our dedicated employees. We firmly believe that the well-being and growth of our team are paramount to achieving excellence in our services. By prioritising the satisfaction and safety of our workforce, we create an environment that fosters expertise, loyalty, and a shared commitment to our mission. This commitment to both our customers and employees lies at the heart of our journey to become the leading commercial diving business, where quality and people always come first.

Project Team

Daniel Tennant
Managing Director

Garri Lloyd
General Manager

Natalie Hogan
HR & Office Manager

Paul Redpath
Operations Manager

Stephen Madill
QHSE Manager

Brian Lennox
Maintenance Manager

Paul Elliott
Diver Supervisor

Alex Baker
Diver Supervisor

Evan Bray
Commercial Diver

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Request a callback

Want to find out how we can support you? Complete our quick form and we’ll call or email you back.