Bramley Moore Dock UXO Clearance

The diving project at Bramley Moore Dock was a defining moment in Dagger Diving Services’ history. It marked the company’s ascent into larger, more complex operations, its expertise in UXO Diving, the introduction of Scaff Float Technology, and the successful management of multiple teams, with up to 32 divers being managed at once.

The project demonstrated Dagger Diving Services’ commitment and determination to innovate and set new standards while getting the job done. The team carried out a circular DX300 Search to identify surface and buried ferrous anomalies with simultaneous visual/tactile investigation surface targets.

  • 57 days total
  • 454 dives
  • 33 commercial divers
  • 1 superintendent
  • 4 supervisors
  • 2 technicians
  • 9 ordnance discoveries
  • 2 audits
  • 3 dive teams