NKT – Weisdale Voe – Cable Burial

Dagger Diving Services Ltd undertook a significant and pioneering project for NKT, involving cable burial at Weisdale Voe.

This project marked a pivotal moment for Dagger Diving Services Lts as it was the first time the company implemented the D023 Diving Standard for maintenance, along with in-depth Hazard Identification Risk Assessments (HIRA), in close collaboration with our client, NKT.

The project presented several challenges and opportunities for us and allowed for valuable learning experiences. This project encompassed a large mobilisation effort from Seaham Harbour, followed by sailing the equipment up to Weisdale Vie for the cable burial work. It also involved multiple audits conducted by the client and external parties to adhere to safety and quality standards. It showcased our commitment to safety, adherence to industry standards, and ability to handle complex logistical challenges.

The project allowed the organisation to learn and grow, reinforcing our position as a reliable partner for clients in the diving and subsea services industry.